Private equity and venture capital due diligence

We support VC and PE houses at both the firm and portfolio level.

For portfolio companies, we add value by providing cyber due diligence throughout the deal cycle, as well as post-transaction remediation work, where we will drive the remediation of control issues and ensure that full audit trails are delivered, ready for any additional external testing.

Activities we might undertake in this area include:

Before the deal – Letter of intent

  • Conduct extensive analysis across the dark web on key personnel and any key suppliers
  • Undertake a detailed review on social media of key company staff and the target company
  • Provide early insight on any red flags that are raised

Action at this stage can be used to identify any potential negative or damaging information which could lead to attempted or successful cyber attacks.

During the deal – due diligence

  • Conduct robust penetration testing to assess the strength of network perimeter and firewalls
  • Assess the company’s cyber security policies, standards, procedures and plans
  • Review incident response and recovery, and business continuity plans
  • Assess the cyber leadership team and the education and awareness programme
  • Review the cyber security insurance policy for coverage suitability
  • Conduct spear-phishing tests to assess key personnel awareness
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