Operating Models and Process Mapping

Operating Models and Process Mapping

The interconnectedness of technology, risk and information security can sometimes result in a lack of clarity when it comes to roles and responsibilities. If the operating model and service processes are not clearly defined and understood, accountability is lost along with any means of measuring performance.

A lack of clarity in this area also makes it difficult to plan budgets, allocate resources effectively and accurately measure return on investment.

Our proprietary Service Catalogue will help you document and regulate the key services being performed by the relevant teams. The Service Catalogue is tailored to your organisation and refined to include key inputs, processes, outputs and interdependencies. The catalogue helps business leaders focus on the development of the roles within each of the services and uncover any issues regarding accountability and responsibility.

Our experienced team will work through the various conflicts or issues within each team until we have an agreed Service Catalogue and Operating model. We can then start looking into specific requirements for various clients, which include defining metrics or process maps for specific services.

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